Black Minds Matter Ambassadorship


The Black Minds Matter Ambassador is a respected honor for black-founded schools in the United States.

Through Black Minds Matter ambassadorship, black school founders gain access to a community of support, including increased visibility via features in our online directory and on Black Minds Matter’s media platforms, invites to networking and professional development opportunities, connections to training and resources and more.


Black Minds Matter ambassadorship validates that the school is founded or owned by an African American who is working to expand educational opportunities for students in their community.

As a Black Minds Matter Ambassador, the school’s founder has engaged with Black Minds Matter to promote education freedom for all students by participating in a Black Minds Matter Student Advocacy Simulation session, sharing success stories, or participating in a podcast interview.


Ambassadors are recommended to the media and/or partner organizations for spotlight interviews
Exclusive invites to Black Minds Matter events and networking opportunities
Black Minds Matter Ambassador logo on school profile on the Black Founded Schools’ Directory


If you are interested, email your name and school to to get started.