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Black Minds Matter is a national movement to celebrate Black minds, support excellence, and promote the development of high-quality school options for Black students. Our essence and our being deserve life.

Black Minds Matter, We Believe:

Our students should have free, high-quality, safe school options beyond the singular option the government assigns. Because our children deserve excellence in every aspect of their education.

When our students have education freedom, outcomes such as high school graduation rates, test scores, college acceptance, crime rates, civic engagement, and parent engagement improve.

By cultivating a safe space for idea sharing, advocates and communities will value our diversity of thought and develop more innovative school options for Black students.

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Black Owned/Founded Schools

Our Black Owned School directory is the first-ever online directory to promote schools founded by African Americans. We are here to help, whether it’s finding a school for your child, advocating for more Black-owned school options, or expanding a network of supporters.

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Watch + Listen

Listen and follow our diverse conversations with transformational leaders in education. When we unite, we can change the trajectory of a students’ life.

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Movers + Shakers

Collectively we can ensure every Black student in America has access to a high-quality education of their parent’s choice. The onus is on us all. Our essence and our being deserve life.

Sen. Tim Scott

Kevin Chavos

Former District of Columbia City council member, attorney. Author. Purposeful education reform activist.

Paul Dauphin

Veteran Communicator. Life-long Louisiana education reformer. Positive leader for the School Choice movement.