These are some of the articles, videos,and more we believe promote the goals and themes of the Black Minds Matter movement. As we work to expand education options for our students, we hope to ensure every person has access to resources to be life-long learners. If you’d like to have a news highlighted here, please email us.

COVID pushed many Black families in Missouri to homeschool. Now they’re sticking with it

A survey found respondents who were Black or mixed race and said they were homeschooling quadrupled during the pandemic

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Black Minds Matter

Masks Turn Democrats in Favor of School Choice

This back-to-school season is filled with uncertainty. Public school districts are dealing with delays, disruptions, disagreements and demands from teachers unions. At the heart of many disputes is whether schools should require all students to wear masks. Some states are in legal battles over the issue.

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100+ Education & Parenting Podcasts

Looking to learn more about K-12 education policy, how classroom teaching works, or what tips other parents suggest for learning? No quiet time to read? We’ve got you covered with this round-up of 100+ education podcasts. Educators, parents, and researchers alike have embraced podcasting as a way to share information about the K-12 education world– and listening in to their conversations is free! Podcasts are one of the most enjoyable and rapidly growing learning resources available today.

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As We Celebrate Our Physical Freedom This Juneteenth, the Fight for Educational Freedom Continues

The realization of physical freedom was only the first step to manifesting all their hopes and dreams. The next, I’d like to think, is the attainment of educational freedom, or the emancipation from mental slavery. It is time to liberate Black minds.

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Black People Can Homeschool and Support Civil Rights In Public Schools. In Fact, They Already Did

Self-determination means we must choose to do what’s best for our children and families while also advocating for long-term justice and equity for everyone. Our pursuit of civil rights in education didn’t end with Brown, and our children cannot wait for the goodwill and desire of the system to make sure they learn and thrive.

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Jacksonville Educator Opens Charter School to Introduce Elementary Schoolers to HBCU Culture

Cameron Frazier didn’t attend a historically Black college or university, but the veteran educator recognizes their power, thanks to one of his former bosses. That’s why Frazier is using the HBCU model to prepare the youngest learners in his north Jacksonville, Florida, community for admission to these high-profile colleges, whose graduates include Martin Luther King Jr. and Vice President Kamala Harris.

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What is the State of Black Education in Mississippi?

Nearly 1 out of every 2 students in Mississippi public schools is Black. Yet, Black students lag behind their White peers in most academic indictors. According to an article published by the Hechinger Report, “Although white and black students make up a similar proportion of Mississippi’s student population, white students were more than twice as likely to attend one of Mississippi’s 31 A-rated school districts.” No state in the Union would benefit more from closing the achievement gap between Black and White students.

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What is the state of Black education in America?

Imagine sending your child to a school that is chronically failing and not equipped with resources like textbooks or even an adequate number of teachers. Imagine being told your only option is to move to a school located in a neighborhood that you cannot afford. For North Carolina mom Charlonda Brown, this was reality. Unfortunately, this story and experience is far too common for Black families across the country.

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It’s Time to Break the Link Between Housing and Education

Disparate learning losses during the pandemic are highlighting the ongoing impact of segregation in America’s schools. Black students are twice as likely to have had no contact with a teacher, and minority students are falling months behind their peers in reading. It’s time to ask why schools remain more segregated today despite six decades of promises to integrate them.

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