These are some of the articles, videos,and more we believe promote the goals and themes of the Black Minds Matter movement. As we work to expand education options for our students, we hope to ensure every person has access to resources to be life-long learners. If you’d like to have a news highlighted here, please email us.

Meek Mill among 65 endorsing lifeline scholarships

Meek Mill – a rapper, activist, and Philadelphia native – is one of the lead signatories on a letter sent to Gov. Josh Shapiro, two of his cabinet members, and the General Assembly that says the Lifeline Scholarship program will free students trapped in “failing” schools, irrespective “of their family’s socioeconomic status or their zip code.”

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Black Minds Matter: How One Woman is Leading the Charge for School Change

Denisha Allen’s journey from a troubled student to a master’s degree graduate and leader in education reform is a model of the American Dream. Born in a poor neighborhood in Jacksonville, Florida, Denisha’s early experience with public schools was about as bad as it gets. Her life at home was a struggle, and going to school was like going off to battle. Her mom and uncles had already dropped out, and her teachers had already given up on her because she shared their last name. She was terrified of being called on in class because she was reading below her grade level and regularly had to avoid getting into physical and emotional fights with her classmates.

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Special report: Insights from first-ever survey of Black educational entrepreneurs

Editor’s note: This report was compiled by Denisha Merriweather, founder of Black Minds Matter and senior fellow at the American Federation for Children; Dava Cherry, former director for enterprise data and research at Step Up For Students; and Ron Matus, director for research and special projects at Step Up For Students. Across America, education entrepreneurs are on the rise, fueled by frustration with traditional schools, a pandemic that magnified the inequities of public education, and the accelerating expansion of education choice. Black education entrepreneurs are in the thick of it. We wanted to learn more about this distinctive group of innovators. So, we surveyed Black school founders who are listed on the Black-owned Schools Directory maintained by Black Minds Matter. The responses we received from 61 founders are a first-ever glimpse into who these entrepreneurs are.

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Champion Women: Denisha Allen

Senior Fellow at the American Federation for Children and Founder of Black Minds Matter “While my last name may have protected me in the neighborhood, it also followed me into the classroom. One adult at school might turn to another and say, ‘She’s a Merriweather’,” Denisha Allen recalled in a biographical sketch. Allen’s Merriweather relatives were famous for street brawls, not academic achievements.

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Opinion: On education, stop treating children like political footballs

Last month, I testified before a congressional subcommittee discussing the topic of “School Choice: Expanding Educational Freedom for All.” I reflected on my personal journey receiving a tax-credit scholarship from the sixth through 12th grade to attend a private school. I urged members of Congress to support expanding school choice at the federal level. They have the opportunity to pass the Educational Choice for Children Act — a monumental bill that would create a $10 billion federal tax credit scholarship. . . . School choice doesn’t just benefit students who leave district schools. A 2020 report from the National Bureau of Economic Research found that as the Florida Tax Credit Scholarship program grew, district schools improved. As choice expanded, Black students who remain in Florida district schools are also making strong academic gains, both outpacing Black students nationally and narrowing achievement gaps with White students in Florida. That’s why I was so disappointed when Rep. Jahana Hayes, Connecticut Democrat, dismissed my personal story — my lived experience — of the relief and joy of finding a school where teachers smiled at me, a simple act that may seem trivial, but for a child who hates school is profound.

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What if 2 Types of Education Reform — Charter Schools and Education Savings Accounts — Merged?

Mitchell: In states where charters' best practices are stifled, the solution may be to become a private school. At least 1 network is making the move. The two dominant forms of school choice, charter schools and private school vouchers, have moved on parallel tracks since the 1990s. Now, the emergence of education savings accounts could bring these paths together

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Two New Orleans teens make math discovery 2,000 years in the making

Two high school seniors, Calsea John and Ne'kiya Jackson from New Orleans have caused a stir among mathematicians at a recent conference. The students, from St. Mary’s Academy, are showing a new way to look at a 2,000-year-old formula.

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Myth Busters: Education Freedom Myth and Facts

Written by Nya Moses Claim: "EDUCATION FREEDOM DEFUNDS PUBLIC SCHOOLS!" Reality: The money doesn’t belong to the government schools. Education funding is meant for educating children, not for propping up and protecting a particular institution. We should fund students, not systems.

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Founders Corner

A recent poll published by Gallup revealed that in the United States, 44% of teachers in K-12 education and 35% of college and university teachers said they very often or always feel burned out at work. Both of these occupations were listed as the top two occupations among the 14 listed in the poll on occupational burnout. By Nya Moses

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