These are some of the articles, videos,and more we believe promote the goals and themes of the Black Minds Matter movement. As we work to expand education options for our students, we hope to ensure every person has access to resources to be life-long learners. If you’d like to have a news highlighted here, please email us.

The Fake Argument That School Choice Is Racist

Activist Chris Stewart tells Nick Gillespie that until African Americans control the means of their own education, they will never be fully equal.

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COVID taught us this lesson — school choice matters more than ever

People’s lives and livelihoods have been upended; we’ve changed the way we engage in our communities; and schools across the country have been shuttered, presenting unexpected challenges for working families. While the impact we’re feeling now is immediate, the unintended consequences of keeping our young people home for a year will be felt far into their futures and the future of our country.

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Tell Joe Biden and Kamala Harris that Black Education Matters

Politics influence educational equality. It’s been this way since the beginning. But why does the Democratic Party assume blacks will vote for them considering Democrats’ efforts to defund black educational freedom? Education has always meant black power, black liberty, black justice. The freedom of body and mind has always been the goal, and we will stop at nothing to achieve it — our black votes matter.

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For Black Lives to Matter, Black Minds Must

For Black lives to matter, the national consciousness must also embrace the notion that Black minds matter. More than simply embracing the idea, we must do the work — meaningfully and substantially. Ensuring that all children have access to high-quality public school options staffed by more Black and brown educators would be a powerful place to start.

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Teachers, If You Haven’t Been Giving a Damn About Your Students, We Definitely Don’t Need You Now

Bottom line, these kids are our future. The ones—if given the right people and resources—who can develop vaccines and cures for the coronavirus and all other ailments that plague us. So, if you know deep down inside that you haven’t done even a basic job or aren’t for real interested in cultivating their brilliance, you need not be in their classrooms. Period.

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Black Minds Matter

When Black parents benefit from school choice, it doesn’t perpetuate racism

The very system on which U.S. public schools are built stands in the way of quality education for Black children, not because of barriers that keep us out of “good” schools but ones that keep us in “bad” schools. When we are fighting against a state-controlled system that has been used to target and systematically oppress the Black community — the police — where is the intellectual honesty in arguing on behalf of another state-controlled system that has been used to target and systematically oppress the Black community?

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Black Lives Matter and Black Education Matters Because Freedom Matters. Only When Black Folks Are Safe to Both Learn and Live Will America Be Free

The story of Black people is the story of our country’s efforts to live up to its founding values. Black lives matter, and Black education matters, because everyone’s freedom matters. And only when Black folks are safe to both learn and live will all Americans be free.

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Settlement for Detroit literacy lawsuit eyes nearly $100M in funding

A historic settlement reached between the state and Detroit students calls for $94.5 million in future literacy funding, a $280,000 payout among seven plaintiffs and the creation of two Detroit task forces to help ensure a quality education for students.

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